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Thread: DNETC credits

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    DNETC credits

    Am i the only one whose DNETC credits have disappeared? I'm missing a rather large chunk of my total...

    Edit: Just to be clear, the stats sites are still showing it, but when viewing a certificate on any project site, they're gone. They're also not included under "Projects in which you are participating" on any project site. Guess i was just unaware BOINC worked this way when a project went poof
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    Re: DNETC credits

    Yep. It is a BOINC bug. The problem may not necessarily be an issue with dead projects. It may be that if you crunch more projects that fit on a single page, it only prints the total stones of the projects that are printed rather than all projects you crunch. It really should print a second, or for Zombie and all the other MM's, a third page if needed.
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