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Thread: DistRTgen: New server status 2012-03-17

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    DistRTgen: New server status 2012-03-17

    We are fully moved to the new machine that was racked yesterday.There are some known issues including:1) some GPUs get no work (including my GPU)2) some GPU WUs get incorrect credits for the work3) some CPU WUs are monstersThe problem of very long tasks on the CPU I think are all GPU tasks going on to the cpu by mistake. Right now all the GPU tasks will be algorithm md5 (and later ntlm again) and the CPU tasks are mysqlsha1. That dynamic won't change for at least another 2 months. Also, the important thing in the tasks will be the chain length:mysqlsha1_loweralpha#1-10_0_40000md5_mixalpha-numeric#1-9_0_755000's 40k chain length and 755k chain length. I think the longest chain length we've ever done on the CPU side is 60k. Our GPU work I believe has been 200k+ once we could no longer have the GPUs do the shorter CPU intended chain lengths without 100% crushing the server.


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    Re: DistRTgen: New server status 2012-03-17

    Heads up! Finally got some GPU work from DiRT.

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    Re: DistRTgen: New server status 2012-03-17

    Loaded up.

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