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Thread: Einstein GPU app How-To

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    Einstein GPU app How-To

    Originally posted by EmSti (Link)

    To get Einstein GPU apps to work well, I had to do the following

    1) Removed overclock setting on the GPU. I read multiple comments of people having issues. This removed nearly all of my invalid problems.
    2) Decreased the % of processors used in the preferences. This frees up the CPU to feed the GPU and improves overall points. For my 8 core I am using 66%, which only allows 5 of the CPU threads to be used by Boinc.
    3) To get more thruput I changed the "GPU utilization factor of BRP apps" to 0.5 in the Einstein account preferences. This will allow 2 tasks to run per GPU, but will also take more CPU (GPU credit is better). This setup needs 2 more CPU threads on my machine (0.5 CPU per task times 4 tasks). So that leaves me with 3 CPU threads to run CPU tasks. The GPU gets used more and overall is faster for completeing 2 tasks. (Note: only do this if your GPU has enough memory).
    4) Unchecked the box for "Run CPU versions of applications for which GPU versions are available" - they take too long on the CPU.

    On a 2 core system I would suspend CPU tasks and only run Eistein GPU tasks.

    Also for my ATI cards, I had to upgrade the Boinc Client to 7.0.28. Looking at others results, cuda cards must be able to use 7.0.25

    Minimum System Requirements
    GPU: ATI/AMD 5xxx series or higher w/500MB VRAM or more
    Catalyst Driver: 12.x or later
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