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Thread: Is there an app info for Collatz?

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    Is there an app info for Collatz?

    Is there one?

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    Re: Is there an app info for Collatz?

    Nope, it runs pretty much at 99% all the time.

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    Re: Is there an app info for Collatz?

    There is a link on the Collatz main page to the Optimized Applications.

    Technically, the optimized apps are the exact same as the stock apps. The only difference is that they include an app info as well as instructions on what the command line settings are and what they do so that users can tune their GPUs to get to that point where the video is at 99% and response just a little sluggish which means it is running as fast as it can.
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    Re: Is there an app info for Collatz?

    On my nV Kepler based GPU, GPUid shows it using roughly 50-53% GPU utilization, not 99%. This said, I'm not sure if I want to replace it at this time, if it means locking out the CPU app, because with POEM challenge comming up, I'll need time to bunker some, and so after an initial push Team China will have to settle for my CPU cores. Puts a damper on things, but at least all GPUs aren't seeing 90+% GPU utalization... The nV GT 650m is not....

    Edit: Perhaps it's just some tasks, but then all the tasks don't seem to have the same completion time. The WUs that only used about 50% of the core took less then 25% the completion time of some others, the current one using 95-98%... I'm wondering if there's still some old WUs in the cache or something that's getting issued out, but they're not all the same...
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