"Good job everyone! Another level of the decic search over Q(i) has completed. We now move to the final leg of the search over Q(i). The final batch of WUs is targetting those fields with discriminant (2^29)*(5^18). This will be the biggest and baddest search so far, with a whopping 819200 WUs."

Just an FYI for anyone interested. Crunching the last 819,000 work-units before research analysis can begin on the Prime Set = {2,5}, Subfield = Q(i) (1 of 7). It's a large batch but gives great credit. I'm getting about 30,000 pts./day on a 6 core i7. We're also getting close to taking the total credit heavyweight badge away from BOINC@Taiwan (9,000,000 credit to go). We already have the RAC heavyweight badge (thanks Mumps [MM]). Great opportunity to steal it back.