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Thread: How-To: Free-DC Signature Graphic

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    How-To: Free-DC Signature Graphic

    DrPop has requested I post this edited excerpt from an exchange of PMs we had.

    Free-DC Graphic URL:
    AAAAAAAAAAAAA = Your CPID [See Note]
    XX = Theme #
    Y = Number of columns

    Free-DC Themes:

    Using DrPop for example:

    Your CPID: 28089ef395612abb365e24082af6d1c5

    So, your CPID + Milkyway background (theme 6) + 2 Columns gets you

    Note: Your CPID (Cross Project ID) can be found....
    *User account main page on any project you have registered/crunched on.
    *Do a search of your BOINC user name @ Free-DC (Search box top-center of page) or BOINCstats (Search box top-left of page)
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