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Thread: New Forum Members & Visitors Please Read This...

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    Exclamation New Forum Members & Visitors Please Read This...

    There seems to be some confusion among newly registered forum members regarding their posts and forum access. I'll try to shed some light on these issues.

    *Due to the general nature of the internet and the particular nature of some humans that inhabit it, it has been necessary to impose certain "Controls" on this forum. (Just as most any forum does)

    1) Guest: These unregistered visitors only have read access to the Public forum sections and read/post permissions are limited to the guest sub-forum. All posts by guests are automatically placed in the moderation queue. Moderation queue = Only visible to Admins/Moderators until one of them changes its status.

    2) New Registered User: All newly registered users have a temporary moderation imposed for the first 6 posts submitted to the forums. These posts (just like Guest postings) most be authorized by an admin/moderator. Registered users have read/post permissions to all public sub-forums.

    3) Friends of SETI.USA: Users with this forum status have all the rights/permissions of Registered users and full read/post access to the Members and Friends of SETI.USA section.

    4) Ambassadors: This forum status is currently under review but currently have read/post access to all public sections as well as the The International Scene and the Ambassador Suite.

    5) Team Member: Only users granted this permission level have access to all sub-forums (Sans Ambassador Suite).
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