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Thread: Project Down ?

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    Project Down ?

    Anybody know what happened to the Convector Project, I've had Wu's waiting to Upload & Report for over a week now ?

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    Re: Project Down ?

    I do not. Haven't been on that one for some time now.

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    Re: Project Down ?

    OK.....looking thru the forum, I see there isn't a real post about this. CONVECTOR!!! It's a name most of us know. I was checking my projects on boincstats and saw that CONVECTOR is listed as RETIRED. Is this some ploy? I know when the project goes down, it's really down. Just wondering if when it does it's disappearing act if it's normal for the stats pages to list it as retired. I would hate to think telling boinc no new tasks or removing it to later find out it's spitting out work again. With no word or warning, I really have to wonder if anyone else on the team has noticed if it has ever been listed as retired. Just for the sake of my sanity, I told boinc to stop trying to get new work from it.

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