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Thread: Iimage Verification Graphic on the Registration Page

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    Iimage Verification Graphic on the Registration Page

    The image verification graphic on our registration page is very difficult to discern. Recently, I joined the Hardware Canucks forum and saw that they had a very slick human verification interface using Java. It was a 3 or 4 piece puzzle that a person slides into the correction positions. It takes a very few seconds to complete and seems to be very effective. Also, it is very easy to see and comprehend while thwarting bots. Perhaps we could add a script to our site to convert it to something easier than what we have for human verification.

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    Re: Iimage Verification Graphic on the Registration Page

    From what I've seen on the graphic, mostly due to forgetting to turn caps lock off when logging in , you do get an option to refresh the graphic to something you can more readily see. While the puzzle idea may be a nice idea I have some concerns over wither or not it can be brute forced easier then the graphic option. Humans naturally have a capibility to see information even when it is "fuzzed" or scrambled slightly and I think the issue is keeping bots from flooding the website. The puzzle may make it easier for a bot to create accounts IMO.
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    Re: Iimage Verification Graphic on the Registration Page

    Sorry, changing the HVS is beyond my admin skills and permission level. If there is enough interest in something different, plz feel free to request help from Bok.

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