Hi all volunteers,

We have made a results website for easy access to the data we generated using the FM@H BOINC server. The first 400 MMV compounds (MalariaBox) data is available here:

We're still doing the last repeat calculations for the remaining MMV19k and other datasets, the results of which we'll add to this website. We'll also add the TB data to this site, once we've cleaned it up and added orthogonal scoring data.

I had hoped to get the publication out prior to releasing this 'raw' data, but this is taking longer than I'd hoped. Once the paper is submitted I'll add a pre-print to the website also. The scoring functions will then make more sense.

Thanks again for your generous contributions to this project.

We're optimistic that someone, somewhere, will use this data to confirm our findings and provide the world with novel drugs... and new targets for further anti-malarial drug discovery.