If you are running vm's using VirtualBox you will occasionally see one show up as "Inaccessible." No big deal most of the time, just delete it and reinstall. In my case I had 3 showing up as Inaccessible on the same machine, caused by a less than clean shutdown. This was a bit of a problem because each machine had 1000 WCG wus on it and all were complete and ready to upload. If you run into this problem here is how to solve it.

Go to your Virtualbox folder (in my case): C:\Users\Al\VirtualBox VMs\Ubuntu
You'll see files with extensions like: Ubuntu.vbox-tmp or Ubuntu.vbox-prev
Move ubuntu.vbox to another folder outside virtual box folder, desktop is good.
remove -prev from file ubuntu.vbox-prev and allow it to save.
start oracle virtualbox, it works excellent.

It saved me 3000 completed wus.