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Thread: Quake-Catcher Network (CM): QCN is Moving (Again)!

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    Quake-Catcher Network (CM): QCN is Moving (Again)!

    QCN will be moving in June 2016 to a new (hopefully permanent) home based at the University of Southern California (USC) and supported by IRIS (the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) and the SCEC (Southern California Earthquake Center). There may be unexpected "down time" as the data and web addresses are moved to If all goes well you shouldn't have to change your BOINC program, as the web name server (DNS) should resolve to our new server when it's all setup. If you're not afraid with BOINC, you may wish to (when the time comes) "Detach Project" and then "Attach Project" to

    There will also be new client programs compiled to reflect our new home and support; and hopefully update any drivers, bug fixes etc.


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    Re: Quake-Catcher Network (CM): QCN is Moving (Again)!

    And start doling out points again?

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    Re: Quake-Catcher Network (CM): QCN is Moving (Again)!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mumps View Post
    And start doling out points again?
    Would be nice, but then...

    The new server database is really messed up. It appears that the majority of older Cobblestones earned by members may have just been haphazardly discarded. Both of our teams will feel a big hurt on the project if they turn credit reporting back on without correcting the discrepancies.
    I personally would lose 523,546 Cobblestones, this is on top of the 39,789 Cobblestones I lost a year ago when the project was moved to CalTech.

    Would be nice if Bok could freeze the QCN stats until we find out what happens when they switch over to the new server.

    QCN was one of the better run BOINC projects when it started out but when the funding dried up and Carl lost interest in maintaining things for free it went downhill quick.


    [EDIT]Ooops, wrong thread should have been here , my comment was for the normal QCN stats, not "Continual"...
    Anyway Carl is now aware of the dependencies and believes he can recreate the credit database on the new server.[/EDIT]
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