1. Asus P5P43TD with Q8400 CPU, Intel fan, I/O shield and 4 gb Kingston DDR3 1333 memory. Just upgraded this to an I7 6500K system

2. Asus P5K SE with Q6600 CPU, Intel fan, I/O shield, and 4 gb Corsair DDR 2 1066 memory. Pulled from Grandsons computer.

3. Asus P8Z77-v LE with I/O shield. This board only works with the 2 bottom slots of memory. There are about 6 pins that look to be slightly bent. I don't know if this is the cause but I do not have the proper tools to straighten the pins and I do not want to do any further damage.

Make me an offer on any or all plus shipping. I'm sure someone can use these boards and cpu's