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  1. Computer Hangs During SetUp
  2. Bonic stopped downloading new WU
  3. No new packets
  4. LAF hit 50 million credits in 1 day 11/20
  5. AndroBOINC - The BOINC Manager for Android phones
  6. (new) Ways to improve GPU Performance
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  8. What version of BOINC
  9. MW problems
  10. Getting GroundHog's ATI Card Running
  11. Problems Running Multiple GPUs
  12. linux question: 32 bit files?
  13. Dual GPU system... Set 2nd card to boinc, and other to not?
  14. Issues with BAM.....
  15. where is the config file in Ubuntu?
  16. Nvidia and ATI in the same box
  17. Highest Paying CPU project....
  18. Projects
  19. CPH Point System
  20. Collatz is BSODing my computer
  21. Bonic as a service
  22. Uploading a crapton of WUs at once
  23. Attaching to an Boinc Account using "weak account Key"
  24. dumb question
  25. wu prop & pirates at home...
  26. how_do_I_increase the color of boinc progress bar for tasks page?
  27. credits blow goat wang!!! plz help meh!
  28. GPUs freaking out a little on me...help?
  29. Forum Boinc: Heatsink
  30. Fedora and Boinc
  31. Microwulf Cluster & BOINC
  32. Dumb BAM question
  33. PS3: Sony Should Pay For OtherOS Removal
  34. Network Down!
  35. Sticky for BOINC help?
  36. BOINC 6.12.26
  37. Boinc + Linux + GPU = pain
  38. USB + Ubuntu + BOINC (The Hard Way)
  39. Gentoo, baselayout-2 and boinc-6.12.26-r1
  40. Need app_info file for MW n-body
  41. How do I change location with new BOINC Client?
  42. CreditNew: Is it really just a random number generator?
  43. Moo + app_info.xml
  44. need a script for reporting completed w/u's
  45. Linux Host not grabbing WU's from Primaboinca..
  46. ATI HD 4200 Where to put it?
  47. I'm out of the loop... Where go NVidia?
  48. Resource Share
  49. Stats Hiccup
  50. Need to format HD
  51. What happened?
  52. BOINC has been unable to upload since 9/25
  53. Is it more efficient to run one or multiple WU's?
  54. Can't get boinc working with 2 nvidia cards
  55. Not understanding something about credits...
  56. cc_config.xml & boinc.exe
  57. Boinc time estimate issues
  58. Looking for Multi CPU and Multi GPU projects...
  59. Master List of active boinc projects
  60. Does GPU crunching require x64 OS?
  61. Wow. Another reason CreditNew is really messed up...
  62. If you can't DL boinc due to the site being down...
  63. BOINC: DA admits CreditNew is really a random number generator...
  64. Phantom GPU that crunches
  65. additional work buffer... not working?
  66. boinc is all over the place
  67. BOINC: how to go back from 6.13.x?
  68. interesting observation running GPUGRID
  69. Getting Incorrect Password
  70. WU Crunch Time Increases, But Percentage Complete Stands Still
  71. Hmm using a whole lot of CPU on the 5970 & The New Box.
  72. GPU help
  73. 4870 shutting system down
  74. Any explanation for GPU jumping all over the place with Moo!?
  75. BAM! Connection Error? Opening and ending tag mismatch:
  76. BOINC 7.x breaks BOINC Project Updater
  77. BOINC 7.0.x, important changes in behavior
  78. Boinc 6.10.58 suspened all of my tasks?
  79. Upgraded from dual 6128 > 6272 -- WEIRD PROBLEMS!
  80. version of boinc question
  81. problem with BOINC and remote accessing
  82. BOINC Combined User Stats
  83. discrepancies in claimed vs granted credit
  84. Help needed with remote RPC and VNC for VM hosts
  85. Can I use Boinc Task to manage computer not in my home?
  86. BOINC: report_results_immediately broken/changed in 7.0.17+
  87. This could be bad...
  88. BOINC: manual debt manipulation?
  89. Minimum BOINC Version for ATI Crunching
  90. New Member With Problem
  91. Strange Error
  92. My HIS HD 6850 suddenly became very loud.
  93. BOINC: cc_config.xml documentation updated
  94. Lost PCIe slot?
  95. Problems
  96. since upgrading to 7.0.25
  97. What happened?
  98. How do you stop 1 gpu from crunching?
  99. BOINC Tasks - finding other computers on network?
  100. Picked up GTX 560 TI
  101. What would cause ATI GPU projects (all) to stay at "just waiting to run"?
  102. Standardized BOINC Credits...revisited
  103. Error I received
  104. Rant
  105. ATI 63xxM crunching?
  106. Keeping the boinc client running on Windows
  107. OpenCL apps BSODing my computer
  108. BOINC won't download work even when the CPU or GPU is idle
  109. Need to solve a puzzle.
  110. Freehal problem
  111. MSI AB Unofficial OC fails on AMD 12.x
  112. Reliable file hoster?
  113. Running BOINC with i7 980 and ATI6 or 7000 series Cards on WinXP64
  114. New nVidia beta drivers out
  115. GPU project choice and activity
  116. Moved my GPU's around and nothing is working correctly.
  117. Need Help excluding 7970 from Running Poem
  118. Hazzards of sytem maintenance
  119. Problem with my gtx 570
  120. new badge?
  121. How to change my credits from a Team into another one?
  122. dual gpu crunching
  123. New BOINC feature to easily run multiple GPU tasks
  124. BOINC server point of view
  125. Credits not being shown on Free-DC for one machine
  126. BS of D
  127. declining volunteer population
  128. Ubuntu instruction
  129. Broken WCG Signature Graphic
  130. Climate@Home ?????
  131. Looking for an efficient card with 2550k/E3-1230 in POEM
  132. Hardware Help - 5970
  133. Setting so BOINC reports completed WUs instantly?
  134. Using Multiple GPU's
  135. Computer ID not assigned yet; Help!
  136. Checksum errors
  137. New version seems to improve performance
  138. Only 1 GPU working
  139. Wahoo!!! Free-DC.org is back online! :-)
  140. Question about World Community Grid
  141. app_config.xml to allow MT control in future BOINC clients
  142. BOINC: "Top GPU models" pages are junk
  143. CPID - be patient?
  144. BOINC on android: remote GUI RPC?
  145. Only GPU working
  146. Stupid BOINC (or do I repeat myself?)
  147. Burp
  148. BOINC: CreditNew flawed (surprise!)
  149. damn bionic. its a learning experiance
  150. Who is ...?
  151. dell venue 7 android 4.3 help
  152. Controlling CPU instances
  153. GPU grid: Half my tasks are failing
  154. BOINC FAQ link
  155. BOINC MANAGER 7.2.39
  156. CPU info has changed
  157. A new problem
  158. GPU missing; intel_gpu missing after nividia driver update
  159. GPU not detected again!!!
  160. Network problems
  161. BOINC on USB
  162. What does "No Close tag in scheduler reply" mean?
  163. Waiting to run (Scheduler wait: VM environment needed to be cleaned up.)
  164. CPU help
  165. gpu not working
  166. BOINC installation through linux terminal
  167. cc_config: ncpus
  168. Not requesting tasks: don't need
  169. einstein@home help
  170. OS X beta causing problems
  171. Milkyway help
  172. Blocking IP ?
  173. VM / Linux questions
  174. BOINC on windows server 2003
  175. Website Add-ons
  176. No GPU and CPU limited to 755mhz.
  177. Benchmarks
  178. BOINC on Raspbery Pi
  179. ARM Boinc
  180. Fun BOINC fact: Maximum estimated time remaining
  181. VM CPID Problem
  182. BOINC tasks failures
  183. Limit # of WU of a specific project
  184. BOINC Disconnected
  185. Postponed: Waiting to acquire lock
  186. WCG - major frustration
  187. Bitcoin Utopia 2 ASICS 1 WU?
  188. Step up or step back. BOINC 7.6.6 is going live in 10 days
  189. Computation and invalid tasks with new ATI Graphics card...
  190. FiND@Home Login Problems
  191. Gerasim@home XML document error
  192. BOINC - New behavior noted
  193. How do I get rid of this error trying to get more POEM WUs to download?
  194. Is it possible to hijack a PC in Boinc?
  195. Projects disappearing
  196. GPU missing
  197. PrimeGrid Generalized Fermat errors on AMD GPU WUs
  198. Pesky network security appliance blocking projects
  199. BOINC Client Config Files
  200. HELP with BOINC/YOYO
  201. GPU missing?
  202. Tricking BOINC into thinking you have more GPUs.
  203. GPUGrid, Linux
  204. Multiple GPU concurrency control
  205. Guidance please
  206. TBD: a new model for volunteer computing
  207. BOINC Project management changes proposed
  208. Months of SETI 2008 tasks, comp errors, and occational blc. Is this normal?
  209. Rosetta download problem
  210. New BOINC download won't install
  211. Odd question... about my projects.
  212. BOINC or Network/Internet issue with Latin Squares
  213. GTX 1060 3GB errors out on Collatz
  214. Boinc client crashing
  215. can't get GPU tasks
  216. BOINC 7.10.2 and BoincTasks 1.73
  217. WCG Stats
  218. BOINC: How to limit the quantity of tasks downloaded?