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Thread: TN-GRID Optimized App

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    TN-GRID Optimized App

    There are new optimized apps for both Windows and Linux:


    From the forums, for machines that support AVX and FMA3 the AVX performs a little better. On Sandybridge and later use the AVX app. For machines that don't support AVX then use the SSE2 app.

    1. Download and unpack the file.
    2. Stop BOINC
    3. Copy the 2 files into your /projects/gene... folder
    4. Restart BOINC

    You should be good to go at this point. To confirm look at your BOINC message and you should see a line towards beginning saying; TN-Grid fournd app_info file using anonymous platfrom.

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    Re: TN-GRID Optimized App

    Thx Bryan!

    I made this thread a sticky for reference and updates (for anyone so inclined).

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