Hi all,

After several months of extensive testing, we are now ready to complete the move to LHC@Home! The ATLAS app is now out of beta so we encourage you to start crunching ATLAS tasks on LHC. We do not plan to submit any more tasks to ATLAS@Home.

As stated earlier, credit will not be lost! We will move all the credit accumulated here to LHC@Home once all the remaining tasks are finished. To make this easier it would be very helpful if your email address you register with is the same on both projects, since this is the only way to match the accounts on each project.

In the LHC project preferences you can select which apps to run, so if you want to only run ATLAS then check the ATLAS box only.

There is an updated version of Yeti's checklist available, so please check this if you experience problems. There is also a dedicated message board for ATLAS.

Thank you for your crunching on ATLAS@Home over the years and we look forward to continued crunching on LHC!