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Thread: Asus mobo supports up to 19 GPUs

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    Re: Asus mobo supports up to 19 GPUs

    So let us know how it works out zombie67. We all know you'll be the first kid on the block with one.

    Although, with 18 of them being PCIe X1, it's probably not as useful as one would hope.

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    Re: Asus mobo supports up to 19 GPUs

    Would be great for Asteroids but devastating for Einstein

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    Re: Asus mobo supports up to 19 GPUs

    Looks like it needs weird cables or somthin, big gpus in that grid???

    I have big 4u servers that can populate like 4 biggie gpu with an expansion board, the thing has 4 cpus too, whole rig cost like 500 bucks with 80thread.

    what does that MB cost?

    just sayin' check out the old enterprise crap for shiggles once and a while

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