Wondering if anyone else has run into this problem.

Basically, I start running a gerasim task. The task may complete normally or it continues to run endlessly. The progress bar will be frozen at whatever spot it occurred. Could be 10% or 99%, it seems random. The elapsed time continues to tick away though, taking up a thread. The remaining time shows nothing but 3 dashes '---'.

This is the second machine to have this happen. I tried this on my i7 a while back and now my C2D.

There is no checkpointing, so I found that if I restart boinc, the same task will restart from scratch and usually finish normally. But then I waste time for my other checkpointed tasks. It's just easier to abort them, but I really don't want to micro manage these gerasim tasks. I gave up on this project last time, perhaps permanently now.

Seems like a bug to me, since I've now seen it on 2 machines.