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Thread: Neurona: It's back up

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    Neurona: It's back up

    It's been down for several weeks now, but it back up. No new work yet. Here is the explanation from their spanish forum, translated by google:

    During a server upgrade something went wrong as a result our database was corrupted, not only preventing the execution of Neuron @ Home but of all our projects BOINC server. To make matters worse, we realized then that our backup routine had a failure, and therefore the last valid copy we had was November 2011. The problem was not losing some results, but all the user data created since then, and the credit information. We spent a lot of hours and sleepless nights working to recover the corrupted database, and finally, and thanks to the invaluable help of an expert in databases , one of our most important stakeholder groups (thanks, Mr. Poveda!), we recover all the information. We have learned the lesson, improved our backup system and better understand why and what we can do on our server without adequate technical support. So, dear volunteers, our calculations continue. Make sure they can get into your account and all your data is OK, but do not expect problems arise. Greetings, Javier.
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    Re: Neurona: It's back up

    If this happens to your favorite project, remind them that the stats sites grab a copy of the database dumps for users, computers, and teams so rebuilding the stats from those files should be pretty easy -- especially if they dump their data multiple times per day. Plus, unless automated by the admins, the stats files have to be manually deleted. So, even if the database is corrupt, they probably have the stats dumps on disk.

    The tough part would be recoving the WUs and the status of each of them.

    I'm glad Neurona pulled it off.
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    Re: Neurona: It's back up

    Woohoo! Hopefully I can get the 100k there.

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