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Creating a file called config.xml in the directory with the Bonic Tasks exe with the following content as helped my local machine get the data faster because it forces a refresh on the downloads and gets the retries to go sooner. BonicTasks must be restarted to take effect.

<!-- <downloads> 3600 </downloads>
<uploads> 3600 </uploads> -->
<auto> 600 </auto>
<refresh> 900 </refresh>

See this post for more:

I haven't tried the downloads and uploads options.
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Adding lines like these to cc_config.cml helps also.


I added them as the last lines before the </options> tag
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The network download fix that is on the Seti forum helped me ALOT on downloading the large files I get from the project. Wish I had read it sooner.

Had to run to Bank to wire money to Foreign Country.

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