BURP has been sold to Netflix for a two-digit million euro figure - the exact amount is not disclosed at this time. Netflix CEO, Mr. Willnot Read Hastily, Jr. says:
Part of our goal is to become better than any competing service. So far we have done this by suggesting movies and series that fit you based on previous shows that you have watched. Now, giving you the most personalized experience ever seen on the online platform - even beating Youtube by several orders of magnitude - we will go above and beyond anything you could possibly imagine.
What Mr. Read is talking about is this: Starting with the merger of Netflix and BURP into BURPFlix you will now not only get suggestions based on your watched shows. Instead entire movies will be rendered for you based on your viewing preferences. For example: if you liked watching "The Mask" with Jim Carey and the renowned "Titanic" directed by James Cameron you will now automatically be offered "The Masktanic" with an entirely new and exciting story - all in full 3D, rendered live for you by thousands of contributors worldwide. These are very exciting times indeed!