A group of artists have installed on Monday an Edward Snowden bust in a park of Brooklyn, New York, the authorities ordered his immediate removal.

The bust was initially covered by a blue plastic, to hide from the public. The inscription "Snowden" inserted in the column where it had been installed the bust in Fort Green Park, was also covered.

Morning Post / Cofina Media Morning Post

Some tourists and New Yorkers photographed the bust in plaster, with about 80 pounds before it is being taken by park employees.

It had been installed before dawn a column in "Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument", a memorial in honor of 11,500 prisoners of American war dead in captivity in British ships during the War of Independence (1775-1783).

Anonymous artists explained in the 'site' Mashable that the site was chosen to position Snowden "in the continuation of the story that began earlier this country" (...) "built by the ideal of living in freedom, not be arrested or being watched by your government. "

Edward Snowden, a US computer technician of 31 years, former consultant to the NSA (the US National Security Agency), and that in 2013 revealed the details of several US programs mass surveillance, was accused of spying and lives exiled in Russia.