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Thread: It's EASY to join in ALL our forums, here's how!

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    It's EASY to join in ALL our forums, here's how!

    New SETI.USA Team Members, we have a lot more going on than you can see right now on these forums!
    To join in on all the fun, just follow these 3 Easy steps:

    1. Post a new thread here, in this sub forum.

    2. Tell us the name you use to crunch BOINC projects. (This is the name you join BOINC projects with.)

    3. An Admin will verify you are a team member of SETI.USA.
    The names who appear on this Free-DC list will be granted access. In the future, if your name no longer appears on the Free-DC members list for Team SETI.USA, your access may be revoked by an Admin at any time.

    To indicate your new Team Member status, the SETI.USA Eagle mascot will appear above your avatar.
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