Some of the users might only want to give a certain ratio of their CPU/Memory to a specific application. Take the ATLAS@home Multiple core application ATLAS_MCORE for example, if you want to this app to use less than the CPU/Memory that you allow the BOINC client to use, you can do it through creating a configuration file app_config.xml in your project directory:

You can limit the MultiCore-App by using an app_config.xml.

Below is an example to limit ATLAS_MCORE to use only 4 Cores:

ATLAS_MCORE 4.000000
vbox_64_mt_mcore --memory_size_mb 5300

You should change these two lines to your needs:

4.000000 --memory_size_mb 5300

Memory usage calculated by the ATLAS_MCORE app is by this formula:

memory = 1300 + (1000* NumerOfCores)

so it is 5300MB for 4 cores.

Thanks to Yeti for giving this recipe.